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Yinthe Feys is currently a teaching assistant at the Department of Criminology, Criminal Law and Social Law at Ghent University. She holds a PhD in Criminology (Ghent University, 2023) and a Master’s degree in Criminological Sciences (Ghent University, 2016).

In her PhD, Yinthe focused on the factors affecting police decision-making, situated at four levels: police officer characteristics, civilian characteristics, organisational characteristics and situational characteristics. She employed a mixed-methods design, consisting of both qualitative (interviews, observations) and quantitative methods (surveys, observations). During her PhD study, Yinthe was also involved in the evaluation project of the mobile stalking alarm in Belgium.

Yinthe currently works as EU Presidency Officer at the Federal government (Directorate General Safety & Prevention). As practical assistant, she provides support for different courses of Prof. Antoinette Verhage, Prof. Christophe Vandeviver and Prof. Wim Hardyns.

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Selected societal impact activities

  • Medewerking serious game geïntegreerde politie

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Studiedag – Complexiteit in het politiewerk: Aanpak van intrafamiliaal geweld en stalking (


  • Policing
  • Decision-making
  • Integrity

Selected projects

  • Doctoraatsonderzoek ‘Practice what they preach? An empirical study of police decision-making in Belgium’
  • Evaluatieproject mobiel stalkingalarm