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Thijs Hauspie attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Social and Economic Sciences at the University of Antwerp in June 2019 and a Master’s Degree in Communication Sciences at Ghent University in June 2021. He has been active as a researcher in the Department of Criminology, Criminal Law and Social Law of Ghent University and the IRCP since 2021. In 2023, he was an academic assistant and supported and assisted a number of methodological courses in Criminology, such as ‘Research Design in Criminology’, ‘Applied Data Analysis and Reporting’ and ‘Quantitative Criminological Methods and Techniques’. Today, he works as a PhD researcher on a project that focuses on public harassment in nightlife (i.e., intrusive and unwanted (sexual) behaviors) and the potential of bystanders to reduce this harmful behavior. More specifically, he researches whether nudging, a renowned theory from the field of behavioral economics, can be used as an innovative strategy to address public harassment.

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