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Hi, I am Robin Khalfa, I hold a master’s degree in criminological sciences, obtained at the University of Ghent. Futhermore, I am obtaining a master’s in Quantitative Analysis in the Social Sciences at KU Leuven. Currently, I am working as a PhD researcher at the University of Ghent within the IRCP, under supervision of Professor Dr. Hardyns.The topic of the PhD research concerns the effectiveness of big data policing.

Work details

  • EMAIL:
  • TELEPHONE: +32 9 264 67 03 (or +32470591866 private number)
  • TELEPHONE SECRETARIAT: +32 9 264 69 30
  • ADDRESS: Universiteitstraat 4, Ghent, Belgium

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  • Quantitavive methodology and analysis
  • (Counter) Violent Extremism
  • Big data Policing

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